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    Our Services

    • Adult individual psychotherapy
    • Couples psychotherapy
    • Grief Therapy
    • Therapy for Health Care Providers
    • Consultation and Supervision for Psychologist candidates
    • Healthcare consultation
    • Community Education and Public Speaking

    Health Psychology

    Health Psychology is a field of study that focuses on how physical health problems affect the human psyche and how personality influences one’s health. Health Psychologists work towards promoting health through behavioral change and preventing/reducing illness by focusing on education related to nutrition, exercise, stress-management and total body wellness. Practitioners emphasize education as a large part of illness prevention, as many people do not recognize the risk to illness present in their lives or they are unable to implement the knowledge that they have received during medical consultations. Most health psychologists are trained to work with most medical conditions, diseases, and disorders.

    Areas of emphasis in the psychological management of chronic pain are usually on the effects of stress, loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life circumstances that affect that disease, disorder, or pain condition. Health psychologists often work with patients individually; however, they are also trained in understanding the psyche of the caregivers and family member’s of the person that is ill. Health Psychologists believe that medical problems and psychological wellbeing are closely linked and that understanding this interaction is vital to helping individuals navigate through and adjust to their health related experiences.

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